Jonathan LoweReviewer and award-winning novelist Jonathan Lowe is a longtime judge in the Audie Awards from Tucson AZ and Greenville SC. Author/reviewer website TowerReview.com. Contact Goodreads(@)TowerReview.com.

Goodreads ChoiceWhether you have acting talent or not you can support literacy on Youtube by reading passages from a fav book, and/or reviewing one. This new blog Good-Reads is for people who love to read and drink coffee. They are interested in multi-tasking, learning, changing the world for the better, and having fun in the process. (Our charities are literacy and animals.) If you would like to be a part, record yourself reading a short (3 min.) passage from any print book, mention TowerReview.com, and DM me on Instagram or email TowerReviewFilms at Gmail dot com for a chance to featured at this blog or at TowerReview.com. If you like, leave comments in the description of your Youtube video about you and what you thought about the book. Occasional drawings from participants for free audiobook downloads, and who knows, you may become an internet star (or narrator) in the process. Fight the nonsense out there with quality content, and expand literacy among your peers. Who knows, you may be narrator material, or a future internet star, displaying your personality and talents.

What are you waiting for? Speak out for literacy on Youtube.

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