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Goodreads is the largest book site in the world. It features reader reviews of books, but it is mostly about print books. This blog is for audiobook lovers specifically, with reviews and author interviews. What are the advantages of audiobooks? You can expand your reading time while stuck in traffic, exercising, cooking, and listening without walking into a telephone pole…and without eyestrain on a beach vacation. If you would like to share a review on Youtube and include reading a passage from a book like narrators do, include a link to this blog and send your video link to Editor(at)TowerReview.com for inclusion here or at Tower Review. —Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe


Palm Island
Fame Island, based on the true story of John Caldwell, who sailed around the world in a 36 foot yacht, bought an island, and spent 17 years turning it into a paradise…with a wheelbarrow.

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