Is IT the End of the World?

The End of the World

Fear and horror makes headlines in our culture. From Kim Jong-un to the IT movie. So what about it? World leaders and the news hunt for viral videos with extreme events, extreme weather, and Stranger Things which may generate the most clicks, (so that they can get votes or sell soda and junk food, along with prescription drugs.) We have a rubberneck culture looking for escape. But what are the real dangers? Driving while drunk, sitting too long in a chair watching TV while ignoring health, not reading enough to get the full picture. (Twitter is dumbed down reading into polarized belief reinforcement.) The answer is audiobooks, listened to on the road or while exercising, and without eyestrain. Here are a couple new entries…
—In the new audiobook FantasticLand a hurricane has ravaged Florida, and a group of teens fight for survival at a theme park cut off from civilization. Meanwhile, in The End of the World Running Club, Edgar Hill is thirty-five and caught in his own headlock. Overweight slob, under-performing husband, and reluctant father-—for Ed, the world may as well have already ended. So when it does end in a catastrophic asteroid strike and Edgar and his family find refuge in an Edinburgh army barracks, it comes as something of a relief. But nothing’s ever that simple. Returning from a salvage run in the city, Edgar finds his family gone, taken to the south coast for evacuation by an international task force. Suddenly he finds himself facing a grueling journey on foot across a devastated United Kingdom. Edgar must race against time and overcome his own shortcomings, not to mention hundred-mile canyons and a heavily flooded west coast, to find the people he loves before he loses them forever. This is a vivid, gripping story of hope, long-distance running, and how we break the limits of our own endurance. Tired of playing the watcher or victim? New non-fiction includes The Last Arrow. (Shades of The Hunger Games?) When you come to the end of your days, you will not measure your life based on success and failures. All of those will eventually blur together into a single memory called “life.” What will give you solace is a life with nothing left undone. One that’s been lived with relentless ambition, a heart on fire, and with no regrets. On the other hand, what will haunt you until your final breath is who you could have been but never became and what you could have done but never did. The Last Arrow is your roadmap to a life that defies odds and alters destinies. Discover the attributes of those who break the gravitational pull of mediocrity as cultural pioneer and thought leader Erwin McManus examines the characteristics of individuals who risked everything for a life they could only imagine. Imagine living the life you were convinced was only a dream. We all begin this life with a quiver full of arrows. Now the choice is yours. Will you cling to your arrows or risk them all, opting to live until you have nothing left to give? Time is short. The Last Arrow is about the quest for life.

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