Voiceover Class


On The Voice they compete by singing, with the chairs turned around so the judges can’t see contestants. And no doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “he has a face for radio.” It’s true that if you are going to be heard on iTunes, whether in song or podcast or audiobook, the voice is what matters most. On Youtube it is different; it’s like the Instagram of video—a wild west dominated song and dance, gaming, political opinion, sports, flat Earth nonsense, makeup tutorials, and very little reading of books (although lots of talk about books.) The free for all gamut of quality is wide. You take the bad with the good. The videos on this post (below) are from professional narrators I’ve interviewed, showing how to narrate, in case anyone wants to try (for fun or professionally.) Recording books is different than narrating movie or gaming trailers, or doing voiceover for commercials. The idea is not to insert your personality into it, but rather to disappear into the author’s intent. “Disappearing” is not what diva culture understands, but drama should depend on the character speaking, and should be natural, not imposed. In some ways, it’s like the pianist who, if they are really good, becomes an instrument or conduit of the composer. When reading to yourself, alone, you are moved by the words, the characters, the story. Do that, and you rarely go wrong. Now, if you prefer to try narrating a movie trailer or gaming trailer based on a book (like Blade Runner, Game of Thrones, Tom Clancy or Nicholas Sparks), add drama and send us the link to your Youtube or Soundcloud post. You may win free download codes or CD format audiobooks, along with posting at Tower Review.

Game of Thrones
GOT audiobooks?


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