The Night the Sky Caught Fire

Command and ControlPBS aired a documentary based on the book Command & Control by Eric Schlosser. Scary history, to say the least. A missile silo in Damascus Arkansas exploded, after a wrench socket fell and ruptured the fuel tank on the rocket. Denials preceded the near detonation of the most massive H Bomb in the arsenal. They didn’t even know where the warhead was, and wouldn’t even confirm the warhead existed. People died, and they wouldn’t say, even to the authorities wondering if people should evacuate. In another earlier incident an H Bomb was accidentally dropped on Goldsboro NC, from a B52 that broke up in mid air. The bomb hit the ground and sent a detonation signal. A simple on/off switch in the off position prevented it from blowing up. It passed the other four safeguards. Today, the silos are in need of repair that will cost billions. How safe are the missiles now? Who knows for sure?


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