Book ReviewsOr both? What do you like, and why? Anytime a reviewer expresses an opinion about anything (movie, book, political party, team) they come “under fire” by those with opposing views. In democratic countries, however, you are not supposed to die because you expressed an opposing view, and the important thing to remember is to examine the facts yourself, see all sides, and learn how science works in this regard. Two plus two doesn’t equal five no matter how loudly someone shouts that it does. Take this moment to think about why you believe what you do, and then ask questions. Odds are that your peers or friends believe similar things because we all tend to gravitate to people who think like we do, and look like we do. (The mass media reinforces this with their feedback loops: read The Filter Bubble or Weapons of Math Destruction or If Our Bodies Could Talk.) Read widely, and you avoid this trap. Go to a movie you normally wouldn’t go to, and it may surprise you, too. Say “hi” to a homeless person, and help them. Encourage everyone you meet to read more, and do this by recording yourself reading from a favorite book on Youtube. Then send us the link, and we’ll support you too. See how it works?

John Oates

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