Can You Handle the Truth?

Carrie Fisher

Some people run from the truth, others embrace it. Carrie Fisher was used to writing and reading and acting and…narrating her own books. Her last book, which she was promoting at the end, is The Princess Diarist. Previous books include Wishful Drinking, Postcards from the Edge, and Shockaholic. She has been on shampoo bottles and Pez dispensers. Performed in a one-woman show. She calls herself, “a result of Hollywood in-breeding.” Clearly, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. And she was not afraid of the truth. In her book she dishes on all her costars, and on herself, all in a funny, believable way with a tone that suits the situation. Once again I’m reminded that it is always best for anyone writing a memoir to narrate it themselves. You get so much more than you would just reading the print book. You get to laugh with them, and to feel they are in the room with you…or the car, bus, or plane. It’s hard to read on a treadmill, or while running. I once saw a woman walk into a telephone pole while reading a paperback. Plus you can store a hundred books on an iPhone. Try carrying them. Of course reading print books is great, when you have time. Audiobooks extend reading time, and as the new print and audiobook The Untold Story of the Talking Book says, listening is not cheating. You are still “reading.” A just completed conference called The Future Book agrees. They still digital media changing the way we read. Authors from Stephen King and James Patterson to Janet Evanovich and Sandra Brown are bullish on audiobooks.

My interview with the narrator of Star Wars Catalyst, a Rogue One novel, is here. Biography of Audrey Hepburn? Here.

How to be a Dictator

“Ah, I don’t read much…” —Kim Jong un

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