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Simon Vance


The Deep Blue Goodbye


Welcome to Tower Review and Audiobooks Today, an indie review and bookstore where you will find audiobooks and ebooks in every genre and category, both fiction and non-fiction. Note that there are many colorful titles and themes, from Bright Orange for the Shroud to Nightmare in Pink, plus fashion, sports, biography, and more. Browse and enjoy. John D. MacDonald and Ross MacDonald might have been called The MacDonald Brothers. (Like the Coen Brothers? Perhaps. The Koch Brothers? Not so much.) A duo, dueling over who might be the finest mystery novelists who ever lived. John was a powerhouse whose fiction delivered raw gut punch, and rhythm and intrigue with his Travis McGee series. Ross is an observer and poet on a parallel with Chopin for exquisite nuance and cultural statement. And with tons of quotes that could be added to Instagram posts. (Gregory McDonald is Fletch, offbeat and always entertaining.) Craft beer, fine wine, or burger and fries? Take your pick. There is something for everyone there. Don’t take my word for it about MacDonald…every major writer out there would agree. Skip them at your peril, and infinite loss. —Jonathan Lowe

Clemson Tigers

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